Deforum leverages Stable Diffusion to generate evolving AI visuals. Start creating today with our Discord Bot or Studio Web App.

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Deforum is a vibrant, open-source community where innovative developers and artists are committed to pushing the boundaries of AI animation. Building upon the work of Disco Diffusion, PyTTI, and VQGAN+CLIP, Deforum began as a powerful Colab Notebook and quickly evolved into an extension for the Automatic1111 WebUI, packed full of features that cater to the diverse needs and creative ambitions of the community, all available as open-source software.

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Open Source Projects

The Deforum ecosystem features multiple tools aimed at enhancing the creation of digital art with Stable Diffusion. Its primary tool is the Deforum Web UI extension, which can be integrated into the Automatic Web UI. This extension offers advanced functionalities, such as video style transfer, motion effects, and frame upscaling. Users can get started with the extension either through the UI's extension tab or by directly downloading it.

Deforum Web UI extension

Deforum extension for the Automatic Web UI, the most feature-rich implementation of Deforum.

Deforum Colab

Original implementation of Deforum Stable Diffusion optimized for Google Colab.

Deforum Parseq

Parseq provides advanced control and audio syncing for the Deforum Web UI Extension.


Simple and easy-to-use Python-based AI node engine.


Our discord bot and studio webapp are the easiest way to use deforum. Simply type in your prompt, and choose one of our 25 motion presets. You'll also have the option to style your animation with 77 prompt modifiers and choose between landscape, portrait, and square aspect ratios. Enjoy the freedom to create detailed AI animations and generate striking visuals, all without the need for a powerful home computer. Examples below.

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