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Deforum is an AI animation platform and community that emerged after the public availability of Stable Diffusion. It is an open-source project, emphasizing collaborative development and shared innovation. The community-driven initiative first established its presence through a dedicated Discord server. It draws on the collective expertise of a diverse group of individuals passionate about AI and animation. The ongoing maintenance and expansion of Deforum are handled entirely by volunteer contributors. The project aims to empower everyone to experiment with and create animations, regardless of their technical background.


Key members of our community took steps to form Deforum Studio. This entity is dedicated to enhancing user experience and making advanced animation tools accessible to a wider audience. Deforum Studio's core mission is to demystify the complexities of these tools, paving the way for users to develop professional proficiency with generative AI.

The deforum studio discord bot and web application are based on the open-source Deforum Automatic1111 Extension and Stable Diffusion XL. The model checkpoint "Protovision XL" was created by SoCalGuitarist.


"Creativity Thrives in Open Collaboration"

We are committed to openly sharing information and resources, facilitating user understanding of our tools. Our goal is not just to provide access to technology but to empower our users to harness it effectively, ensuring they have the knowledge and confidence to realize their creative potential.


Open-source is the heartbeat of collective innovation. Show your support and fuel the future.